My Net Worth DECREASED | July 2020 Net Worth Update

My Net Worth DECREASED | July 2020 Net Worth Update During my first summer off, and for the first time since I started tracking my net worth consistently, my net worth actually decreased from last month. All things considered, this was an expected part of my financial plan. I knew taking the summer off would lead to short-term losses. Still, I'm slightly surprised to [...]

The Simple Way to Jumpstart Your Money Journey

The Simple Way to Jumpstart Your Money Journey

I'd been going around in circles, in my head, trying to come up with an elegant solution for people trying to just start getting control of their money.  But it wasn't simple. I knew this because my own journey had been messy-- I followed financial resources that I later learned to be problematic. I tried [...]

I Finally Calculated My Retirement Number and the Result Shocked Me

Photo by Erick Palacio via I've been focused on being in control of my finances month-to-month, but I've put off thinking about a longer-term goal: my (early) retirement. Don't get me wrong, I know exactly how much I want to be investing each month once I get my emergency fund fully built, and I even [...]

On Credit Cards

Photo by Code Mnml via So, I've never talked about credit cards on my blog. I didn't even realize this until my friend wrote in for a Q & A, asking "Do you have a credit card, and if so, how do you use it?" I thought it warranted an entire post. In my [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Free & Cheap Things to Do in Iceland

Photo by Jeremy Bishop via In my post last week, I wrote about all of the pricey things I did in Iceland-- ice caving, glacier hiking, boat riding, kayaking, and snorkeling. While all of these experiences enhanced my connection with the most beautiful country I've ever visited, there are just as many amazing things you can [...]