4 tips to nail the teacher interview… even if you’re a nervous wreck | Teachers Talk Money

These are the best tips that helped me learn how to be a good interviewee as a highly anxious person.

Interviews are so important. Yes, there is a teacher shortage right now and yes, most teachers will get hired somewhere. But interviews are the key to landing a position in a district or school you REALLY want to be in, rather than settling for a position you might not feel great about.

I remember the stress of trying to land a teaching position SO clearly. I had constant anxiety about any interviews I had coming up. Despite being a well-spoken and charismatic person, I have never thought of myself as a great interviewee. I get super nervous and start to second-guess everything I say. 

But there were a few tips I heard that really helped me out, and a few things I learned along the process of interviewing as well, and I’m excited to share these with you today. Comment below if you have other tips that have helped you interview!

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